Words from our patients:

"A smile is a message from the heart. There is such a wonderful feeling of confidence to be able to share a smile and not feel self-conscious about how my teeth look. I can now look in the mirror and see wonderful, straight, and beautifully aligned teeth. At first, I was not sure about the work Dr. Hagley suggested, but now I am positive that the correct decision was made. Thanks for everything."

J. K.

"Dear Dr. Hagley,
What a great experience! Classy people! And an excellent Doctor ("that hasn’t let technology pass him by,"Dr. Espe, Oral Surgeon, Hibbing) I am so delighted with my new crowns and implants- they chew great and look great! And I am surprised at the number of my friends who have noticed and commented on them. You obviously Care and take Pride in your work and your Team.

Warmly, W."

"Dear Dr. Hagley and Staff,
When I first came to your office, I was very scared due to bad experiences from 40 years ago. I wasn’t even sure if you could help me. But you and your staff were so gentle and sensitive to my fear and concerns. Not only did you design a special partial denture for me but you helped me not to be afraid. I will forever be grateful to you and your staff. For the first time in 43 years I can chew my food easily and I look better too. May God Bless you all. Kind deeds like yours changes lives. Sincerely,


"This is one of the most positive dental offices. Staff is cheerful and listen well. Courteous and kind. This is a very caring place and the view is beautiful. Going to the dentist isn’t all that bad with this kind of staff and doctor." "I just had my teeth cleaned at Dr. Hagley’s. I used to hate having this done by a different dentist, but find out it is a completely painless thing here. Besides this, the people here are warm, friendly, and wonderful, including Mike. I always leave here smiling."

G. C.

"Dr. Hagley, Thank you so much for the work you did to help my TMJ issues. I have not had a headache from my jaw tension since visiting you. My jaw/mouth feel so much more relaxed and tension free! Thank you so much!"


"Even though the procedure was expensive, after it was all over, I realized that it was worth it. It’s amazing how much more positive my relations are now with people….and it usually starts with that first smile." "My daughter was so afraid to go to the dentist. She was in tears on the way there. I was thinking that our appointment was going to be a waste of time. But with the kind gentle voice of the hygienist, my daughter was no longer afraid. We’ve been back to the dentist since, and my daughter was looking forward to going. Thanks to the Caring Staff. Good luck to you."Sincerely,


"My implant surgery was necessary in that I was rapidly losing the two bottom teeth that anchored my bottom plate. At first I was hesitant because of cost and cowardice. I’m glad I did it. This is the best my lower jaw has been for at least thirty years. The discomfort was minimal and the cost was worth it."


"I was very hesitant about getting my teeth whitened but as I am getting older I did not like the looks of my smile. Dr. Hagley and staff were very supportive and helpful in starting my treatment. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend it."


"The dental care was very comfortable. I very much recommend Doc Hagley to everyone who needs dental care."


"Dr Hagley and his Staff have been very helpful when we have had our teeth fixed. We are very satisfied with their work. They are very friendly and made us feel comfortable"

J. And D. K.

"We are recent transplants to the Grand Rapids area. My husband had an emergency toothache on the 4th of July weekend. Dr. Hagley willingly handled the problem even though we were not patients at that time. We have been patients now for 2 years and are very pleased with the staff’s friendliness and top technology. We intend to remain patients for a long time."


"Thank you Dr. Mike for coming in the night to fix my tooth"

R. (child)

"Thank you for fixing my teeth and chipped tooth. "

A.L. (child)

"Dear Dr. Hagley and Staff, Thank you for the care you gave to my boys on Feb. 4th. You really went above and beyond what was expected, we really appreciate it."

M. and B.L.

"Thank you so much for taking care of my teeth when no one else would. I greatly appreciate it! I’ll be sure to recommend you to family and friends."


"To Whom It May Concern: "I am a new patient, and in need of a new Dentist, because of relocation. I also needed a new upper Denture and a Bottom Partial plate. I do need to relocate again, but I would consider coming down to Grand Rapids, Minn. To see Dr. Mike Hagley for more Dental work, as I feel he is an excellent dentist and I am very pleased. Thank you. My Regards, "

M. H.

"Dr. Hagley, We would like to thank you for being so wonderful to our dog "Maggie Lou!"You went far beyond your duties by coming in on a Sunday and helping a sweet animal. We appreciate you! Sincerely, The B. Family P.S. Maggie is doing great and so is her tooth. No complaints from her!"

(Maggie was seen at the veterinary clinic)

"Dear Dr. Hagley and "The Girls", Thank you for taking good care of my husband J. through all of his appointments. His last appointment was after he came home from the hospital. He is doing much better. Thanks,


"Dear Mike,
The title of Doctor is missing, because I consider you a good friend. Good friend because your expertise has dramatically changed my life.

The first "rescue"came when you were first starting your practice and I was recommended by my former wife as someone who could look at my bad breath problem that another dentist couldn’t cure. On your first examination of my teeth, you discovered a molar root under an existing bridge had rotted away. An explanation of the problem, an approximate cost and my approval led to a repair that has served me well over the years.

The second "rescue"was a little different, in that my front upper incisors were wearing thin and had a stress crack in one plus a glaring gold inlay on one side tooth. Further, coffee and food stains were making them unsightly. My smiles were awkward looking, as if I were hiding my teeth. In fact, I was subconsciously doing just that.

Fast forward to June 2004 and a thorough examination of those front teeth by Mike, who gave me a choice of either leaving them as is with future problems or veneers, or "caps"as we patients call them. Two options were offered: porcelain or ceramic, along with advice on which would serve me best and the cost of each. Being mindful of good health for the long-term, I felt the more expensive ceramics were the correct route to take. Without going into detail, the procedure was not at all painful and I ate pretty much anything except heavy foods while the temporary veneers were in place. By July, the new ceramics were ready for me and I was excited to see the results.

Long story short, it’s been four years now and I can tell you that the new ceramic veneers have been a huge success for me. Why? Because I now smile more than ever, to the point that family and friends often tell me that I must be happier because they see me smiling so much.

The veneers are trouble and maintenance free. I eat anything I want, floss and brush after most every meal and have just followed Mike’s advice. The cost of the ceramic veneers has been one of the best investments of my life. I can confidently recommend Mike’s work and his most capable staff to anyone. My phone number is available from his office should anyone wish to ask me about my veneers. Thanks so much."


"Dr. Hagley,
Just a short note expressing my appreciation and satisfaction regarding the implant I received from you. I may not go into every detail of the procedure, I will leave that up to you, but I will say from the initial appointment in Hibbing to the final placement of the implant, you and your staff deserve a hearty thank you from me. I was never in doubt that the procedure was the right solution for me. From my first visit to confirm the removal of the tooth, the removal of the tooth and the recovery, I was always well informed. The procedure was smooth and as pain free as possible, which made the recovery extremely short. I was back to normal within a few days and looking forward to the insertion of the implant. I have had the implant for several months now and am functioning as if a natural tooth was in place. If anyone has any reservations about the procedure or the process you have my permission to have them contact me. I will be happy to be candid with them and answer all questions presented to me. Sincerely,


"Dear Dr. Hagley and Staff,
Thank you for the good care you give our family. When we walk in the door, we know we will be treated with kindness and will get the Best care for our dental needs. We are very grateful for all of you!

J. and P. J."

"Dr. Hagley,
Just a note to say thanks for all the good work this summer. My mouth and teeth feel and look great and I’m a happy patient! You not only do an excellent job yourself, but you train your staff well. They are always smiling, considerate and gentle. W. was right when he said Dr. Hagley is the best!


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