Tooth-Colored Fillings

When tooth decay occurs, Dr. Hagley can repair the damage with a tooth-colored filling. The filling material is blended to match your tooth shade, making it virtually undetectable. While no restorative material is as ideal or long-lasting as natural tooth structure, tooth-colored fillings prove extremely durable. Unlike their amalgam (mercury/metal) counterparts, tooth-colored fillings form a strong tooth-filling bond and will not expand or contract with temperature changes. In addition, tooth-colored fillings can be placed with minimal removal of tooth structure making them a conservative alternative to traditional amalgams.

Dr. Hagley exercises the most sophisticated and gentle procedures possible to repair damaged teeth. While initial correction of the problem is important – so is continual monitoring of existing fillings. Fillings are not a permanent solution to decay, because even the best materials available break down over time. New cavities also may form next to fillings, which may necessitate their replacement. Dr. Hagley will closely monitor your fillings over time and recommend treatment when necessary.

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